Why TSG?

Because we are very good at what we do

Our People

The difference between success and failure.

Delivering Value

It’s not all about what you spend, it’s more about the value you gain.


Leadership and experience.


Understanding you and your business.


Corporate and social responsibility can mean many things in different organisations. For us it means:

Our clients – Transparency in the way we operate, report to and bill our clients.

Our people – We believe in diversity and reward, develop and recognizing the great work they do. We build a positive culture and have an open door policy for all staff to raise any issues they may have.

Our suppliers – We treat our suppliers fairly and abide by the payment terms we have with them. Where possible we use local suppliers.

Our environment – We look after our environment, we recycle our waste and use public transport for business journeys, wherever practical. We manage our energy consumption to lessen our impact on our planet.

Our charity – We support various charities throughout the year. Including African Revival and their Girls and Sanitation project, House of St Barnabas and Elmbridge Rentstart who help homeless people.

We also support the Lord Mayors Appeal and City Giving Day. Details of how you can get involved be

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