Delivery Assurance

"Do it, do it right”: Delivery Assurance answers the question, “are we going to deliver at the right time, in a safe manner?"


Sometimes simply following the process isn’t enough to assure delivery. We support delivery leaders, stakeholder and steering groups in understanding what is going on, identifying and understanding risk all the way through a programme and providing practical support to address it.


We identify risk from a delivery point of view, and ensures that appropriate mitigating actions are put in place and tracked to completion. For most clients, this will be a critical form of assurance, as it will enable you to demonstrate control of your programme and what is being delivered, to make sure that it delivers safely.
  • An independent view of plans and progress; genuine assurance.
  • An informed, better understanding for senior stakeholders and steering groups of the likely success of the approach to delivering and outcomes of change.
  • The vast experience of our Assurance professionals, across multiple programmes and industries, all the way up to change programmes of strategic national importance.
  • The credibility of our staff and their guidance in engagements with regulators and auditors.
  • A focus on delivering safely – achieving desired dates but without introducing unnecessary or unplanned risk to live service or business operations.
  • A trusted advisor to your change leadership and those delivering change.

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