Flexible Delivery

No matter what your requirement, the peaks and troughs of your project or your desire to create an assurance and testing centre of excellence, we have a solution that will work for you.


Individual resource
Individuals with specific skills and industry experience to meet the needs of your projects.

Managed teams
A team of our consultants working on your assurance and testing requirements, managed by a senior manager on your site or remotely, as you require.

Managed project or programme
A managed team of consultants working on your assurance and testing requirements managed by a senior onsite manager. This also applies where some of the resource is to be managed off or nearshore.

The full outsourcing of your assurance and testing function across your organisation or by project or programme.


We can provide onshore services on your site or ours; nearshore services; offshore or a blend of any of these dependent on your requirements.

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