Working with Start-ups
TSG is well placed to work with start-ups: we understand the multiple challenges that you face.

Within FinTech and InsurTech there is normally an emotional need to be first to market. So it is natural to be tempted into thinking that technology is the solution (or at least the quick fix) to deliver what you need. But a word of warning, projects and applications fail, because people lose sight of the simple stuff – Fail now and you’ll be paying forever.

The choice of technology should be the end point not the start point.

You need to focus on all this too:

  • Fully understand the needs of the business and therefore what needs to be delivered
  • Get the right partnerships and people and manage stakeholders
  • Get the right financial backing – financial resources and cash flows
  • Put business processes in place, facilitating management and building security
  • Provide whole business continuity
  • Focus and identify ROI – don’t just concentrate on price
  • Meet regulatory compliance objectives
  • Set up testing services from the beginning – Get it right first time
  • Work within time constraints – Get processes in place quickly
  • Make governance and assurance part of the day job but only when required

We have experience of getting start-ups to market quickly and effectively in both FinTech and InsurTech. TSG gives you the confidence to go live.


Escrow Services
Reliance on software and the pace of change can pose problems for organisations. In the case of business critical systems, you need to be sure that new release performs properly and in the case of vendor insolvency, that you can access the source code.

Escrow services provide this level of security from a legal and quality standpoint.

Here at TSG, we work with suppliers of Escrow services to help them validate the quality and suitability of the material in Escrow.

  • Defects – Identify any bugs on a risk basis and highlight the potential impact on the business
  • Release – Ascertain the quality of new releases and identify if it is fit for purpose
  • Bespoke development – Check that what was scoped has been delivered and the quality of the release

We currently partner with TechUK and their legal partner Beachcroft LLP. Together we have a combined experience of 30 years+ creating an Escrow service which we believe, cannot be matched.

Office Relocation & System Upgrades

We offer a range of services for organisations who are about to relocate or update major systems.

We work with you to minimise disruption both before and after the move or upgrade with an effective, efficient and proven approach, helping you to deliver the required business outcome.

The key objectives of the service are to provide evidence that:

  • The move is measured against the requirements and design
  • IT systems not only work but perform as expected, both individually and together
  • Infrastructure and hardware works as expected
  • The new office and systems are signed off for occupation
  • The new facility and systems meet reasonable user expectations

The services cover:

  • Networks
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Security (both physical and software)
  • Performance.
GDPR Services
Our GDPR services are designed to deliver support in your move toward compliance. We can help you identify the gaps you have and supply recommendations on the solution.

Whether your data sits in one system or is in silos, you will need to have a good view and an understanding of that data. To be compliant, you will need to:

  • Have an Insight into your data – What data do we have and how do we use it, this issue is what if there are silos of information, contact details in one, billing information in another
  • Be able to change data if wrong – There will be a need to identify all the date held on an individual across all systems so that data can be changed if wrong
  • Be able to Exempt data from processing – If an individual has asked that they no longer want their data used for specific actions, then that data needs to be exempt, but possibly not removed
  • Delete data – If an individual asks for data to be removed an organisation needs to prove that this has been done and demonstrate how it was done
  • Deliver the data to the customer on request in a commonly used format – An individual has the right to see what data is held and how it is used; again this will need to be demonstrated across all data bases and produced in a timely fashion. Also presume that in the early days certainly, there may well be a rush on these kind of requests.

Not only do we have vast experience of delivering testing services but we also work with our client’s data on a regular basis as well. Our services don’t guarantee your compliance but identify the sorts of things that you need to think about on your journey toward compliance.

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