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Solution Assurance

Solution Assurance is where we look at what is being delivered.

We can use our extensive experience to help you:

  • Manage change through development and testing and into live service, in the smoothest way with minimal impact to the business.
  • Deal with the inevitable change that occurs during delivery; understanding, impacting and addressing the risk this presents.
  • Make sure that the technology changes are going to support your business.

Throughout the project, we keep our eye on the ball on your behalf to identify when business circumstances and risks change. We review our approach and adjust as necessary.

Engaging TSG to support your technology change ensures that:

  • The solution requirements match the business objectives.
  • Testing is considered from inception through to live.
  • Quality is considered throughout the delivery lifecycle.
  • You get the solution that best meets your business need.
  • At critical points in the change lifecycle, you can make decisions using the right information, in terms that make sense to you and your business.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is about how you deliver: The approach you use, and your conformance to it.

A success factor for many of our clients is our Target Operating Model for Assurance, of which Quality Assurance is a key part. We define and implement it across all areas of business critical programmes, to help drive consistency and successful business outcomes. Typically, this would be in support of a client’s programme goals, which might be:

  • Building confidence in the integrity of the Quality Assurance approach across the workstreams delivering in to the programme.
  • Delivering objective, realistic and accurate reporting of progress and coverage, to a consistent standard, across the programme and expressed in Business terms.
  • Managing delivery risks effectively, providing appropriate, relevant and objective information to management to support appropriate decision making.
  • Assuring delivery across the programme, meaning that the right things are being done for the right reasons in the right way.
  • Creating robust and reliable evidence of progress, outcomes and decisions (to support audit and regulatory purposes).
  • Providing objective, accurate information to support critical decision points.

Once implemented and fully operational, this Operating Model for Assurance will give you the following benefits:

  • Deliver an objective view of the residual risk.
  • Report on the quality of the deliverables.
  • Evidence process conformance.
  • Provide metrics and evidence to support compliance to regulatory standards.
  • Provide direct support to the key decision points in the programme by providing objective and timely information.
  • Primarily assure that the programme deliverables are the “right things, built the right way.”
  • Help to drive through strategic transformation in change programmes.

Delivery Assurance

“Do it, do it right”: Delivery Assurance answers the question, “are we going to deliver at the right time, in a safe manner?”

Sometimes simply following the process isn’t enough to assure delivery. We support delivery leaders, stakeholder and steering groups in understanding what is going on, identifying and understanding risk all the way through a programme and providing practical support to address it.

We identify risk from a delivery point of view, and ensures that appropriate mitigating actions are put in place and tracked to completion. For most clients, this will be a critical form of assurance, as it will enable you to demonstrate control of your programme and what is being delivered, to make sure that it delivers safely.

  • An independent view of plans and progress; genuine assurance.
    An informed, better understanding for senior stakeholders and steering groups of the likely success of the approach to delivering and outcomes of change.
  • The vast experience of our Assurance professionals, across multiple programmes and industries, all the way up to change programmes of strategic national importance.
  • A focus on delivering safely – achieving desired dates but without introducing unnecessary or unplanned risk to live service or business operations.
  • The credibility of our staff and their guidance in engagements with regulators and auditors.
  • A trusted advisor to your change leadership and those delivering change.

Testing Services

From leading and strategising, through to managing and doing testing, we are able to support major programmes through to small-scale flexible change. We deliver static and dynamic testing, manual and automated testing, across functional and non-functional aspects of change.

We provide support to our clients in:

  • Planning change, for testing and more widely.
  • Engaging suppliers, defining quality and acceptance criteria and keeping an eye on the quality of what they deliver to you.
  • Getting the definition of change right, up front, whether it is a product backlog or business requirements.
  • Delivering testing from requirement quality reviews, business process tests, through to systems, integration and acceptance testing and on in to live operations.
  • Providing specialist testing services such as performance, automation, security.
  • We can even work with your suppliers to help them too.

We can deliver our services for you, work in an embedded manner with you, or simply provide advice and guidance. Our clients benefit from our training and recruitment capability too – so we can help build you capability, processes and team. We aim to leave you in a better place than when we are first engaged.

Engaging TSG to perform testing for you ensures that:

  • Testing is considered from project inception through to deployment.
  • You do the right things in the right way rather than what the budget dictates because testing hasn’t been considered.
  • Your testing is appropriate to the perceived risks, is performed to industry best practice and takes advantage of the latest tools and techniques.
  • Too much testing can be as much of an issue as too little testing – we help you get the balance right.
  • There is clear ownership of testing and testing delivery. It’s not an academic exercise and we drive delivery.
  • We assure the quality of delivery from your suppliers and make sure they work in the way they have committed to

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