A "Lionel Blair Cut"

A "Lionel Blair Cut"

I had the misfortune of finding myself with an overly trendy and definitely too-short haircut recently. One of those at which my wife visibly recoiled and my children openly laughed. Not bad per se, just different, shall we say..

Achieving continuous improvement - White paper

Achieving continuous improvement - White paper

One of the most common mistakes made by companies implementing continuous improvement is to by tackling a problem that either doesn’t exist, or that doesn’t matter.

Assurance in an Agile world - White paper

Simply put, the framers of the Agile Manifesto believed that since they worked to exacting standards of quality, and since by strictly applying the rules of the manifesto, system quality was in effect built in by the process itself, there was no need for additional attention to system quality.

Assurance – Not just about the bugs - White paper

It’s probably worth starting with some definitions; Assurance teams are involved in the delivery of testing services but deliver more than just testing.

Capturing better requirements - White paper

Pretty clearly, if requirements are poorly written, you are highly unlikely to deliver a system that meets the business’s needs.

Driving value from defect management - White paper

Good defect management is essential to provide the key quality analysis information needed to determine if a system is ready to go live.

Managing testing in a SalesForce environment - White paper

SalesForce could be said to be ideally suited to the needs of a tester, in so far as it is possible to create considerable volumes of test data when creating sandbox test environments, and to do so with considerable control over what data is created.

Successful businesses need testing as a partner - White paper

Why does testing and business assurance cost some organizations so much for seemingly little value? It’s a conundrum that many organizations face, but many of whom seem to have little understanding of why and often lack the inclination to fix the problem.

Will automation work for you? - White paper

Should we automate? When should we automate? How should we automate?

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