Solution Assurance

Solution Assurance is where we look at what is being delivered.


We can use our extensive experience to help you:

  • Manage change through development and testing and into live service, in the smoothest way with minimal impact to the business.
  • Deal with the inevitable change that occurs during delivery; understanding, impacting and addressing the risk this presents.
  • Make sure that the technology changes are going to support your business.

Throughout the project, we keep our eye on the ball on your behalf to identify when business circumstances and risks change. We review our approach and adjust as necessary.


Engaging TSG to support your technology change ensures that:

  • The solution requirements match the business objectives.
  • Testing is considered from inception through to live.
  • Quality is considered throughout the delivery lifecycle.
  • You get the solution that best meets your business need.
  • At critical points in the change lifecycle, you can make decisions using the right information, in terms that make sense to you and your business.

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