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From leading and strategising, through to managing and doing testing, we are able to support major programmes through to small-scale flexible change. We deliver static and dynamic testing, manual and automated testing, across functional and non-functional aspects of change.


We provide support to our clients in:
  • Planning change, for testing and more widely.
  • Engaging suppliers, defining quality and acceptance criteria and keeping an eye on the quality of what they deliver to you.
  • Getting the definition of change right, up front, whether it is a product backlog or business requirements.
  • Delivering testing from requirement quality reviews, business process tests, through to systems, integration and acceptance testing and on in to live operations.
  • Providing specialist testing services such as performance, automation, security.
  • We can even work with your suppliers to help them too.
We can deliver our services for you, work in an embedded manner with you, or simply provide advice and guidance. Our clients benefit from our training and recruitment capability too – so we can help build you capability, processes and team. We aim to leave you in a better place than when we are first engaged.


Engaging TSG to perform testing for you ensures that:
  • Testing is considered from project inception through to deployment.
  • You do the right things in the right way rather than what the budget dictates because testing hasn’t been considered
  • Your testing is appropriate to the perceived risks, is performed to industry best practice and takes advantage of the latest tools and techniques.
  • Too much testing can be as much of an issue as too little testing – we help you get the balance right.
  • There is clear ownership of testing and testing delivery. It’s not an academic exercise and we drive delivery.
  • We assure the quality of delivery from your suppliers and make sure they work in the way they have committed to




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